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Fantastic Four Director Wants To Erase His 2015 Film From The Internet

The 2015 Fantastic Four film was, by no means, a film people liked, in fact, it’s pretty hated. Director, Josh Trank, admitted he’d support a petition to rid the world of the 2015 blunder if such a petition’s promises were possible. The director took to Twitter to express his uncertainty of a petition aiming to get rid of the rat in The Departed.

Another user stepped into the thread to give their joke petition, which would aim to essentially erase 2015’s Fantastic Four from the internet, known. In a now deleted response, Trank expressed a level of support for the petition.

2015 saw the release of the film, people were excited about the release, but it turned sour when the film was panned by fans and critics pretty fast. This isn’t the first time Trank has expressed a level of disdain to that specific film with his Instagram is conveniently missing that film in his bio. Instead, you can find a series of asterisks where the film should be.

As said above, the comment is now deleted, but the internet never forgets.