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“Friends Play Free” Week Kicks Off For Sea Of Thieves Players

Starting today, Sea of Thieves owners can invite up to three friends to go on swashbuckling adventures! Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game, as such, it plays best if you are to play with friends. But, not everyone wants to drop the cash to play a game they don’t know they’ll like. So, with that in mind, Rare took full advantage of this mentality. They launched “Friends Play Free”.

The offer was brought to light in a trailer posted yesterday on Sea of Thieves’ official YouTube channel. The trailer details how you can take advantage of the offer. The Sea of Thieves’ Friends Play Free deal requires you have begun your own adventure by launching the game at the least once. The copy of the game does not matter, it could be digital, physical or tied to the Xbox Game Pass.

The steps you take are simple, just go to Sea of Thieves’ official website and find the codes. After that, scratch the codes and provide them to an interested friend. Finally, get on your way up to three of your friends. There is a specific journey that has been added for this event.

If one or more your friends wish to purchase the game during or after the Friends Play Free deal, they can get a 35 percent discount on PC and Xbox One digital copies.

Sea of Thieves’ Friends Play Free offer is going on from February 6 to 13. The discount will be available from February 6 to 27.