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Kingdom Hearts III Launching On Switch Isn’t Off The Table

Some gamers salivated over the release of the most recent installment, Kingdom Hearts III. Some filled their time playing the previous entries in hopes to complete each game before the release late last month. The sales proved the franchise still had a fighting chance in the age of growing gamers. Even though the franchise has gone a few years since its last release, 2012’s Dream Drop Distance.

There were other games, such as Kingdom Hearts X, but that was a web browser game that turned into a mobile app. There was also the remasters for the PS3 and PS4. But, one console that seemed feasible for the subsequent entry to make an appearance on was the Nintendo Switch.

Tetsuya Nomura was asked about Kingdom Hearts III launching on the Switch during an interview with Famitsu. As it turns out, the team behind the game aren’t opposed to launching the title to the Switch. The developer’s consideration began following the game’s launch.

Just because it is under consideration, however, doesn’t mean they plan to launch it. This just proves Square Enix is thinking about launching Kingdom Hearts III to the Switch.

Kingdom Hearts III is out now for the PS4 and (for some reason) Xbox One.