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Lost Reavers Is Going Down This May

The Wii U exclusive, Lost Reavers, is going offline this May. As announced by Bandai Namco, the developer and publisher behind the game, they will start by terminating the goods purchased in-game on March 28th. Goods purchased before that date are still usable until March 28th.

Lost Reavers was launched back in 2015 in Japan and a year later saw the release of the game to the West. It was toted as a free-to-play exclusive to the failed and now-discontinued Nintendo console, the Wii U. The game was, to a large sum of gamers, a flop. This didn’t discourage the developer and publisher from keeping the game online for a few years, though.

The game didn’t have only “nobodies” working on it as one of the heads was Katsuhiro Harada, AKA the producer of Tekken. As proven by Mighty No. 9, though, just because a project is spearheaded by a notable person in the industry, doesn’t mean it will turn out well.

You can play Lost Reavers until May 30th, after that date, the service will be terminated.