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Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Be Improved In The Future

Nintendo recently held a Q&A with investors. Many things were talked about, including their Nintendo Switch Online service which holds various good and bad things. On the positive side, the service garnered over eight million users in 2018. This is quickly sour, though, since many of those subscribers are not subscribing for a full year. This question caused Nintendo to open up that they are working on improving the service as to not lose those few loyal customers.

Nintendo Switch Online is a way to leverage Nintendo Accounts to build long-term relationships with consumers. As such, it is very important to our future business and we are giving it our all.

It’s important to note some of the problems with the service. A big problem people have is the required use of its app to communicate with friends. This is instead of the use of a service like Discord, Skype or TeamSpeak. Sure, you could use one of those services on your laptop or something, but then you need to use another device dedicated for that use during your gaming session. Not to mention that Nintendo opted out of dedicated servers for their service, making their games unstable at times when playing online.

These improvements, if done properly, may bring up the desirability of the service to warrant a year-long subscription as they want. That being said, they didn’t explain what they planned to do to improve the service.

Current individual plans for the Nintendo Switch Online are $3.99 (per month) to $19.99 (per year).