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Ready Your Duel Disks – Seto Kaiba Confirmed As Jump Force DLC

It’s official . . . the Blue Eyes White Dragon Master, Seto Kaiba, is coming to Jump Force. That’s right, the rival of the original protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series will act as one of the first DLC characters.

The DLC was announced on by Bandai Namco themselves on social media.The post was combined with a picture that is clearly Seto Kaiba in the Jump Force style.

In the same hour, Bandai posted a tweet detailing the coming months and the projects they’ve been working on for the game. This includes a nifty distinction between free and paid content.

No special date was given, but according to the following post, we can only imagine it’ll come available sometime in May. That same month appears to be brimming with content for Jump Force as well, including a raid boss event and a new stage.

Seto Kaiba is part of the first Character Pass, as such, if you have it, you won’t have to buy the first trio of characters.