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Soko Banana – New NES Game In-Development

Up and coming Swedish game developer, FlipForFate, has launched a Kickstarter for their first ever game, Soko Banana. Nostalgia seekers may be happy to hear this game is more than just an 8-bit puzzle adventure. It’s also running through the Nintendo Entertainment System. You heard that right. FlipForFate is going full retro with this title.

The developer has expressed that their goal in this game is to be faithful to the specs of NES as well the style and spirit of the games for the console. Because of this, it can certainly fill a nostalgic hole in your heart if there is one.

The game will feature four islands with unique surroundings and music as well as over forty-eight stages.

The devs have been kind enough to share a demo as well that anyone is allowed to download. They also express that if you don’t have an NES lying around, it can be played on an emulator as a ROM file.

Soko Banana is due out sometime in March 2020.